Oillan are first emollients offering comprehensive care within pregnancy and maternity periods – for the mom and for the child. The Oillan Mama product range restores the physiological balance and supports the natural defence system of the skin. Safety confirmed in tests with pregnant women and one who have just given birth to their children, including people with allergic skin conditions.

  • To be used from the 8th week of pregnancy and after the childbirth, within the breastfeeding period
  • 0% parabens, allergens, dyes and fragrances
  • Minimum active ingredients in favour of an increased amount of allergy-safe and effective ones
  • Care

    • Żel pielęgnacyjny do piersi

      Breast Skin Care Gel More

    • Multiaktywny balsam przeciw rozstępom

      Multi-active Stretch Marks Preventing Body Balm More

    • Aktywnie ujędrniający balsam do ciała

      Actively firming body lotion More

    • Koncentrat redukujący rozstępy

      Stretch Mark Reducing Concentrate More

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