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Eczema - Description, causes, prevention, alleviation

This is a non-infectious, inflammatory skin disease involving inflammation of the epidermis and papillary layer of the dermis, closely related to permanent damage of the hydrolipid coat (the top layer of the epidermis made up of water and fats), presenting with lesions in the form of small, red lumps and blisters, which leave erosions when they burst. These lesions are often accompanied by swelling, flaking and itching (causing additional discomfort).

Skin with eczema-type lesions is:

  • sensitive (over-reactive);
  • susceptible to irritation, which is often accompanied by redness and a burning sensation;
  • excessively dry, tight and rough, often itchy.

Main types of eczema:

  • allergic contact eczema - occurs as a result of direct contact with an allergen which the sufferer previously developed over-sensitivity to;
  • non-allergic contact eczema (from irritation) - caused directly by irritants;
  • other types of eczema - caused by external and internal factors.

Allergenic/irritant factors:

  • metals (nickel, cobalt, chromium), dyes (paraphenylenediamine), epoxies, formalin, topical drugs, cosmetics, plants (the essential oils and dyes they contain), spices.

Prevention of eczema:

  • avoiding contact with allergens, including the use of protective gloves;
  • particular attention to maintaining an appropriate degree of hydration and lubrication in the skin, especially after bathing.

Proper care = proper lubrication and hydration with emollients.

Active substances recommended for skin with eczema symptoms are ingredients that supplement lipid structures, calm and soothe, and strengthen the skin's protective mechanisms. These include: FFAs (Free Fatty Acids), squalene, ceramides, shea butter, vegetable oils, linoleic acid, allantoin, waxes (e.g. paraffin).

Thanks to proper lubrication and hydration eczema becomes less bothersome.

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