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Nappy rash

Due to the immaturity of the skin and its protective function in newborns and infants, their bottom requires special attention and care. It comes in direct contact with urine and faeces, which is why it is often irritated and sore. The skin's prolonged contact with a wet nappy makes it go soft and impairs its protective function, which may result in Nappy Dermatitis.

How can you avoid rashes?

Irrespective of whether you use disposable or reusable nappies, a child should be changed after each wee or poop.

After the nappy is removed, the bottom must be cleaned thoroughly. It may be washed with boiled water and cotton wool wads or wiped with wet wipes. After cleaning, dry thoroughly (with a nappy or cotton wool wads) and apply a thin layer of protective nappy rash cream. It's worth 'airing' the toddler’s bottom - during each change enable air to get to the bottom, especially in summer when abrasions and rashes are most common. Air aids the regeneration of a damaged epidermis.

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