Oillan is a care programme for skin affected by skin disorders (adjunct to pharmacotherapy) - AD, psoriasis, eczema and ichthyosis. It supports regeneration of the skin and limits transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and additionally lubricates, moisturises and smoothes the epidermis. The products have been dermatologically and allergologically tested under the supervision of clinicians.

  • classic emollient range
  • key active ingredient: highly concentrated liquid paraffin
  • creates an effective protective barrier necessary for supporting the treatment of skin diseases
  • Washing & bathing

    • OILAN+MED_Mydlo+natluszcz_kartonik.jpg

      Nourishing soap More

    • Oillan_med_Emulsja+natluszczajaca+do+kapieli_500ml_butelka.jpg

      Dermatological bath emulsion (500ml) More

    • Oillan_med_Emulsja+natluszczajaca+do+kapieli_200ml_butelka.jpg

      Dermatological bath emulsion (200ml) More

    • OillanMed_Kremowy+zel+do+mycia+ciala_200ml.jpg

      Cream shower gel (200ml) More

    • Oillan_med_dermatologiczny+zel+nawilzaja%CC%A8cy+200ml.jpg

      Dermatological moisturizing body and scalp gel (200 ml) More

  • Care

    • Oillan_med_balsam_intensywnie_natluszczajacy_200ml_tuba.jpg

      Intensive nourishing body balm (200ml) More

    • Oillan_med_Balsam_intensywnie_natluszczajacy_400ml_butelka.jpg

      Intensive nourishing body balm (400ml) More

  • Mycie i pielęgnacja skóry głowy

Skincare in AD

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