Oillan Baby is a hypoallergenic baby care program for newborns and infants from the day they are born, ensuring effective prevention of dysfunction of immature skin. Oillan Baby formulations are based on ingredients of natural origin. Oillan Baby has been tested on skin allergy sufferers.

  • it contains only ingredients of natural origin*
  • it does not contain silicones, parabens or synthetic preservatives, alcohol, propylene glycol, PEG
  • does not contain mineral oil or petroleum derivatives, SLES/SLS, colourants or perfumes

* except the cradle cap cream

  • Washing & bathing

    • Oillan_Baby_szampon+plyn+zel+pod+prysznic+3+w+1_200+ml.jpg

      Oillan Baby 3 in 1 shampoo, bath and shower gel More

    • Oillan_Baby_plyn+do+mycia+i+kapieli_400+ml_butelka.jpg

      Body Cleansing Lotion 2 in 1 (400ml) More

    • Oillan_Baby_plyn+do+mycia+i+kapieli_200+ml_butelka.jpg

      Body Cleansing Lotion 2 in 1 (200ml) More

    • Oillan_Baby_szampon+nawilzajacy_200+ml_butelka.jpg

      Moisturizing shampoo More

  • Care

    • Oillan_Baby_mleczko+nawilzajace_200+ml.jpg

      Oillan Baby moisturizing milk More

    • Oillan_baby_krem_na_ciemieniuche_40+ml.jpg

      Cradle cap cream More

    • Oillan_baby_krem_pielegnacyjny_75+ml.jpg

      Face and Body Cream More

    • Oillan_baby_krem_odparzenia_40+ml.jpg

      Nappy Rash Cream from the very first days of life More

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