Dermatological care products restore the physiological balance and enhance skin's natural defenses.
- for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin;
- for very dry skin in need of regeneration;
- for hypersensitive redness-prone skin.

Facial skin care

- for use in skin diseases including, but not limited to AD, psoriasis, acne, rosacea;

- after dermatological and aesthetic medicine treatments (for example: chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, needle mesotherapy).

  • smart compounds of active substances that have been tested for effectivness
  • does not contain allergens, parabens, color additives, soap, SLS/SLES, does not clog pores, fragrance free, physiological pH
  • safety confirmed in tests on people with skin allergies; dermatological test conducted under supervision of clinical doctors from Medical University of Gdansk
  • Plan dla cery odowdnionej, suchej i bardzo suchej

    • Oillan+balance+Hydrolipidowy+krem+przeciwzmarszczkowy+etykieta.jpg

      Oillan Balance hydro-lipid anti-wrinkle cream More

    • Oillan+balance+Hydroaktywny+zel+pod+oczy+etykieta.jpg

      Hydro-active eye gel More

    • Oillan+balance+Multilipidowy+krem+do+twarzy+etykieta.jpg

      Multi-lipid Face Cream More

  • Plan dla cery trądzikowej z niedoskonałościami

  • Plan dla cery naczynkowej i skłonnej do zaczerwienień

    • Oilllan+balance+Ochronny+krem+wzmacniajacy+naczynka+etykieta.jpg

      Protective Capillary Strengthening Cream More

  • Cleaning

    • Oillan_balance_emulsja_250ml.jpg

      Creamy Face Wash Emulsion More

Facial skincare

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