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Skincare for AD

Skincare for AD

It is advisable to use emollients, i.e. topical products that ensure proper hydration and lubrication of the skin, for the care of skin that is affected by Atopic Dermatitis. Primary skincare activities during Atopic Dermatitis are dermatological baths and application of skincare products. Emollients effectively relieve symptoms and support the healing process if lesions worsen. Used in conjunction with steroid products, they reduce the duration of treatment. In some cases emollients may be sufficient in treating AD.


It is strongly recommended that AD sufferers take baths using emollients. It is not recommended to use conventional soaps and gels containing detergents.

Frequency of use: 2-3 times per week

Effects: intensive hydration and lubrication of the skin; alleviated itching and irritation; removal of dead skin, sweat, allergens and medicinal product residues;


  • optimal water temperature: 32-36°C,
  • duration: max. 10 minutes


Immediately after bathing gently dry the skin off by dabbing it with a towel (do not rub) and immediately apply an appropriate skincare product - balm, ointment or cream - onto the skin.

The effect that emollients have on the skin lasts approximately 4 hours and this is why it is recommended that the products be applied throughout the day, in particular onto exposed body parts (face, hands and arms).

Skincare products may be patted on or gently massaged in. Before application the products may be cooled in a refrigerator, which gives an additional effect of alleviating itching of the skin.


Recommended products

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